Ophthalmology services

General ophthalmologic examination

• Determination of visual acuity: computed refracto-keratometry
visual acuity control with Snellen tables
• Determination of corneal curvature – keratometry; computed and manual
• Examination of anterior eye segment – biomicroscopy
• Measuring of eye pressure – aplanation tonometry
 • Examination of eye fundus : direct fundoscopy

Other diagnostic procedures

• Objective determination of visual acuity in children – skiascopy
• Colour recognition test by Ishihihara
• Treatment of the contact lens complications
• Diagnostic and therapeutic procedure in smaller traumatic lesions of the eye
• Removing of foreign bodies from the corneal surface
• Measuring of quality and volume of tears production - Schirmmer and BUT test
 • Visual field determination by Goldmann

Contact lens examination

• examination of anterior eye segment – biomicroscopy
• determination of corneal curvature - keratometry; computed and manual
o method
• determination of visual acuity: computed refractokeratometry
control of subjective visual acuity with
Snellen tables
• application of test contact lenses
• examination with Burton lamp
• determination of permanent contact lenses
• education of contact lens wearers including maintaining of contact lenses

• computed analysis of corneal surface – corneal topography

Contact lens fitting:

• Rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP)
• RGP lenses for correction of high astigmatism
• RGP lenses for keratoconus
• RGP progressive contact lenses (visual correction over 45 yrs)
• Soft standard contact lenses (annual lenses)
• Frequent replacement soft contact lenses ( daily and monthly replacement)
• Soft contact lenses for correction of astigmatism
• Soft progressive contact lenses (visual correction over 45 yrs)
• Silicone soft contact lenses
• Therapeutic contact lenses (in some eye diseases)
• Coloured – cosmetic contact lenses
• Prosthetic contact lenses – for esthetic correction of posttraumatic eye changes

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