Ophthalmology and Contact Lens Office

Ophthalmology and Contact Lens Office

Information and appointments, 

phone +385 (01) 48 11 654
 fax +385 (01) 48 11 654

• Medical contactology, fitting of all types of contact lenses
• General ophthalmology and eye diseases treatment
• Visual field and neuroophthalmologic examinations

The ophthalmology and contact lens office has been working from the year 1991. The office is sub-specialized for the application of contact lenses in correction of visual acuity and in the treatment of some eye diseases.

Beside contactology and general ophthalmology office have consultant in neuroophtalmology.

At the same place in the store named “Medi- Lens” different types of contact lenses, solutions and accessories for contact lenses, as well as frames are available. 

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