Ophthalmology medical team

Published on Monday, 21 May 2012 16:32

Ksenija Ćuruvija Opačić, M.D. , consultantDr Ksenija Ćuruvija Opačić

• specialist in ophthalmology with a long time experience in application of contact lenses
• founder and the Chairman of the Section of Contactology of Croatian Oftalmological Society 
• vice president of the European Society of Ophthalmologists-Contactologists (ECLSO) 
• national representative of Croatia in ECLSO
• President of the Organizing Committee of the 36th ECLSO Congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia 2006 and 2014
• member of the American Society of Ophthalmologists-Contactologists (CLAO)

Mrs. Valentina Leto and Miss Stela Jug, nurses